Here’s Why Doctors In The Know Might Stop Prescribing Blood Pressure Medications

We were quickly approaching the day when people diagnosed with hypertension can kiss goodbye to their expensive ace inhibitors, calcium-channel blockers, beta-blockers, and other blood pressure medications. This is thanks to a breakthrough found in the Amazonian rainforest, that is going to change everything we knew about how to treat high blood pressure….

No more having to visit your doctor for test after test, or having to swallow another expensive and toxic blood pressure pill ever again. Would you be willing to try a “Delicious Natural Diet” that could solve the problem of hypertension naturally in as quickly as 17 days?

Mr. David Riley, in a brave (and lucky) attempt to save himself from 12 years of blood pressure medication and repeated mini strokes, discovered a hidden research about the isolated Amazonian tribe (known as the Yanomamo Indians). The tribe has 0 cases of hypertension. Against all the odds, he was able to track one of the doctors who conducted the research but was keeping a low profile ever since to keep his family safe. With the assistance of the Doctor, David received the original research findings including the exact recipes and meals that help treat hypertension using the same ingredients the tribe has been consuming for decades.

After following the research, David’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings went from a frightening 220 over 140 down to healthy 113 over 71 by day 17, and it’s stayed at a healthy level ever since.

This simple home remedy succeeded in just 17 days where medication had failed for 12 years and best of all it has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure in clinical trials.

By now you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of this method. The answer is pretty simple; Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to keep this information suppressed. Hypertension “market” is worth billions of dollars in expensive prescription pills. Pharmaceutical companies profit when you’re debilitated which is why they aren’t in a hurry to let a natural treatment like this get out there.

Hypertension medicine makers are hardly about to step aside and lose out on the tens of billions of dollars it’s expected they will bring in every year. David believes that keeping people in the dark about safe alternative treatment options is unfair.

Despite the fact that Mr. Riley is taking a risk by standing against the Big Pharma, he went ahead and created this presentation to let everyone around the world the option to make the change and free themselves.

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There has been quite an overwhelming response to the presentation, which has been shared and seen by hypertension communities because of the power of the internet.

Some viewers are outraged over the information being suppressed and hidden, while others are just happy to find out that their lives will no longer revolve around pills and hospitals.

David is keen to stress that everyone can follow this method. He says that you would be surprised how effective these ingredients when consumed at the right time and dosage each day.

Of course, viewers must exercise common sense. You should only discontinue a medicine with a doctor’s supervision. This video could be pulled down any moment, so ensure you click on it and watch all of it if it’s still up for you.

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